Quality paediatric care to help your child thrive

As a general paediatric practice, Queensland Paediatrics is here to help your child across infancy, childhood and adolescence. Our paediatricians are child and family-focused, so  every aspect of your child's wellbeing will be explored. We recognise you know your child best, so our medical advice will be tailored, with your involvement, to finding how we can best support your child to thrive. 

Mother and Child
COVID Information
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From December 13th, 2021, Westside Private Hospital requires all parents/carer/ guardians to be fully vaccinated or provide evidence of a negative COVID test result 24 hours prior to your child's appointment.

Queensland Paediatrics recognises that children/young people typically present to their clinic appointment with a parent/ carer or guardian. In keeping with State and National Health guidelines, we will ensure that your family support is continued in a COVID-safe way. 

No child or young person or their parent, carer or guardian will be denied access to care or treatment based on their vaccination status.

There will be some restrictions for unvaccinated parents/carers/guardians accompanying a child or young person to Montserrat healthcare facilities.  Please ensure you are aware of these prior to your appointment.   There are no restrictions for unvaccinated siblings and other visitors under 16 years of age.