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Queensland Paediatrics is committed to providing quality, evidence based paediatric care for the children and families of south east Queensland.   Our desire is that our patients and families are given the opportunity to be heard, to be involved in their health care decisions and establish a lasting rapport with an experienced and caring clinician. 

Every child has a song inside,

it is our job to turn up the volume

                 Nancy Kopman



Dr Francesca Arcidiacono  BSc, MBBS, FRACP

Francesca is a Specialist Paediatrician and Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. She graduated from the University of Queensland, trained at Royal Children’s Hospital (Brisbane), subsequently at Queensland Children’s Hospital and a number of other regional and metropolitan sites in Queensland.


Francesca grew up in country Queensland, and brings to her clinical practice an honest, genuine and open approach, recognising all children and families are different and their circumstances unique.  She has worked as a general paediatrician at the Prince Charles Hospital and is currently a Staff Specialist at Queensland Children’s Hospital.  Francesca is an accredited instructor for Advanced Paediatric Life Support, is a member of the Neurodevelopmental and Behavioural Paediatric Society of Australasia, sits on the Executive Committee of the Paediatric Society of Queensland and is undertaking additional training in patient safety and quality through the internationally recognised Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Her particular interest is in how communication in the clinical setting can affect patient outcomes. 


Francesca uses every clinical encounter as an opportunity to teach and to learn by actively engaging with both patients, families or other medical professionals. Respecting the knowledge and experience of parents and carers, who know their child best, she collaborates closely with children, their families, allied health professionals, teachers, educators, GPs, and paediatric subspecialists to provide the best care for every one of her patients.  Francesca has worked in general paediatrics, acute paediatrics and paediatric rehabilitation – thereby providing a broad canvas of experience. She understands that each child's needs and their medical concerns, must be understood within the context of their family and community.


Francesca is mum to three young children and between school lunches and loads of washing she enjoys the outdoors, reading, pilates and swimming. With her own children, and with all of her patients, she understands the importance of a child having the time and space to be heard, respected and given the opportunity to thrive.

Dr Francesca Arcidiacono