Do I need a referral?

Yes, all patients need a valid referral to see a specialist. You will need to provide your referral prior to your appointment and upload it through the patient portal emailed to you at the time of appointment booking. Please be aware that a referral from a specialist lasts only 3 months, whereas a general practitioner (GP) referral lasts 12 months from the time of your child’s first appointment at Queensland Paediatrics. We request a new referral from your GP every 12 months. The paediatrician will only have the time to address the medical issue/condition listed on the referral. If your child has developed a new medical condition or issue, please obtain a new referral from you general practitioner. This ensures your family doctor is aware of any new issues and allows staff to book sufficient time in your appointment to explore all concerns.

I have a referral to another paediatrician. Can I use this referral at Queensland Paediatrics instead?

Yes, you can chose the specialist you want your child to attend.

What happens at an appointment?

You will be greeted by the reception staff on Level 3 and a final patient information check is completed. Please arrive 10 minutes early and ensure you have : - Completed the new patient form through the patient portal - Medicare card - Referral letter (should already be uploaded in the patient portal) - Red book (if under 5 years old) - Any relevant reports – including school report card/ behaviour card, allied health reports, blood results, medical imaging, letters from other specialists, NDIS plans etc. The initial appointment is where we get to know your child, your family and can explore the concerns you have. Typically, the first appointment will last approximately 1 hour and provide us with the opportunity to obtain a detailed history of the medical issue, explore past health and assess your child’s growth, development and health. A height and weight measurement will be performed routinely, please advise the reception staff prior the appointment if this will be distressing for your child, as actions can be undertaken to reduce this distress. A thorough physical examination is part of most routine appointments, though we will always work with the child, and if they are excessive distressed then an abbreviated or limited examination will be undertaken or the physical examination conducted at a future appointment. At the end of every appointment, a clear management plan will be articulated to the family and child, and a letter advising the outcome of the appointment provided to the referring GP. Your family is an essential part of the care team so a copy of this letter will be also sent to your postal address. If a follow up appointment is required, this can be booked at the end of the appointment with the reception staff.

Our agreed management plan includes my child having Xray/blood tests. How/where can I get these done?

There are medical imaging and pathology collection services onsite at Taringa Westside Private Hospital, however you can choose to have these done at a preferred location if this is more suitable to you/your child.

There are things we need to speak to a paediatrician about, but do not want to do this in front of our child?

It is a legal requirement, for Medicare billing purposes, that your child attends the appointment. We know that at times there may be sensitive issues to discuss. If you wish to have a discussion without your child in the consultation room, please bring a responsible friend/carer/relative who can wait with the child in the waiting room for this portion of the consultation.

The Appointment

Getting to the appointment

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Where is the appointment & how do I get there?

Westside Private Hospital is a Monserrat Hospital, located at 32 Morrow Street, Taringa. Patients have access to 3 hours of free parking. The hospital is conveniently situated between Taringa train station and multiple bus stop options along Moggill Road/ Morrow Street.

How long will my appointment last?

We will provide each child and family with the appropriate amount of time that their condition requires. A guide to appointment time duration is listed below: Initial scheduled appointment 50 minutes to 1 hour (please arrive 10 minutes early) Subsequent follow-up appointment may be 15 -30 minutes.

What should I do if my child is unwell on the day of the appointment?

Please contact us on (07) 3181 5643, at Monserrat Private Hospital. as early as possible in the day to discuss making another appointment. If it is a completely new medical issue, another referral from your general practitioner is required.

What if I am running late for the appointment?

We understand that life happens – so getting out the door with kids can be difficult! If you are running late, please ring on (07) 3181 5643 and let us know as soon as possible so we can make arrangements to see your child, either on the same day at the same time, or alternatively a different time or different day.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

We can only keep our fees competitive by ensuring every patient attends their booked appointment. You will be reminded of the appointments by SMS and/or e-mail but if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. A non-attendance fee may be charged if you don’t let us know that you need to cancel your child’s appointment. If you fail to attend two consecutive appointments, you will be discharged back to the care of the referring doctor.

Will the doctor be running late?

You will be advised of any long waits at the time of check-in at the Level 3 Consulting suites. We endeavour to ensure patients and their families are not kept waiting, however the unpredictability of providing healthcare can mean sometimes the doctor may run over time. If patients attend the appointment on time, every patient will be given their allocated clinical time required to ensure a high quality of care is provided.

I have other children. Can I bring them with me to my child's appointment?

Yes. If you can, please bring a friend or relative with you to help mind other children while you are in the appointment with your child, to ensure adequate time and attention can be given. We understand that sometimes this is not possible, so your other children are welcome to join you in the consult room if needed.

Please send your referral, child's name and date of birth to our clinical team. 

NB: We are currently not accepting behavioural/developmental (including ASD) referrals. 

Once your child's referral has been accepted, you will be emailed details to login to the patient portal. 


The online patient portal means you can complete registration forms, upload additional information, manage medications and confirm your child's appointments online.


Alternatively you can call us on (07) 3181 5643.